Tomonori Iwata spent some years working as a window display designer in Tokyo
whilst pursuing his dreams of becoming a fashion designer.

In 2005, he made his way to New York.

Attracted to the possibilities of plants as a material,
he found himself working as an Ikebana (the Japanese art of flower arrangement) artist.
Meanwhile, he also discovered the joys of photography,
and began working as a photographer’s assistant.

At present, with extensive experience in different genres of art under his belt,
he has come to understand “Fashion” in his own unique terms.
Tomo now seeks to express himself by breathing life to clothing
and bringing them alive through his camera lenses in his own distinctive way.



ウィンドウディスプレイデコレーターとして、 東京と千葉で活動後、 2005年に単身渡米。

その後、 植物素材の放つ独特なアートに魅せられ、 生け花アーティストとして活動。